• Rebecca Longo

B2B Marketing in a Pandemic Era

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

While the COVID-19 global pandemic is having an impact on everyone, according to new global research provided by the Canadian Marketing Association on how the pandemic is affecting marketing indicates that, compared to B2C marketers, their B2B counterparts: 

  • Are experiencing less job redundancy 

  • Appear to be more efficient and effective working remotely 

  • Are less likely to delay or cancel marketing spending 

The CMA B2B Council was asked for their perspectives on the impact of COVID-19, and while there is no single or right answer for every situation, many of the perspectives below are applicable across a multitude of organizations and industries.

As most disucssions, meetings and overall interactions shift online to video and audio chats, clients and customers are online now more than ever before. Many companies will shift to digital marketing strategies and use channels like Tiktok, WhatsApp or Snapchat, which may not have been part of their marketing mix earlier.

Customers are shifting their mindsets to buying local and helping small and medium businesses. This is likely to increase e-commerce demand for those companies, so now is the time to go online/digital if you are not in the game already.  

According to Stacey Cummings from Purolator, some of the best messaging has put corporate goals to the side and delivered truly compelling content about how businesses are changing with our temporary new reality. 

If your business has been deemed an essential service, it is also a good time to highlight how we can all help each other. Tailored communication to your customer base is of the utmost importance. Dig deep to find the pain points they are experiencing right now and communicate solutions to help them through this critical time. Helping each other now strengthens the relationship for the future.  

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